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ESS Hookah Lotus Cage

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ESS Lotus Cage is a completely new type of cage for hookahs. It differs from all others primarily in that it is attached directly to Kaloud or Heat Keeper. It also has a protective cover on top with a “click” fastening system, which will save from the loss of coal from the cage. The whole structure is made of high quality stainless steel. ESS Lotus Cage is convenient to use. It does not heat up at the bottom, so it can be carried by hand.

The ideal solution for safe smoking hookah. With the ESS Lotus Cage, you will no longer burn your favorite things. The ash can now be shaken out with just one motion of the hand.

  1. Remove kalaud and unscrew 3 screws from it.
  2. Take the upper part of the kalauda and insert it on top of the Grid, it should sit on the grooves that are made inside the mesh.
  3. Bare the bottom of the kalauda and insert the bottom of the grid. We take 3 screws and screw the bottom part with the top inside the grid.
  4. Dress the top cover and you're free to fire!

NOTE: This product only works with the Kaloud Lotus or Heat Keeper, in addition to that, if you're running an old lotus you may need to get a new one for the fit as the screw holes were made for the newer models. Also for the sake of your hand, don't grab it from the middle.