ESS Hookah

ESS Personal Mouthpiece (Laminated Color)

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It is based on a stainless tube which is popular with the AISI 304 brand for its physico-chemical properties. The wooden component is made of a colorful composite. The mouthpiece is covered with high-quality varnish with a food certificate, you don't have to worry about your health.

Set: Leather cord (100mm longs, 2.5-3.0mm thick) and mouthpiece, mounted on a silicone ring.

Conservative Colors:

  • Brown Laminate - A Walnut Color Laminate. Popular for over a half century!
  • Black Laminate - An elegant appearance. Equally as popular as the Brown.
  • Imperial Laminate - Recommended to those looking for something different than the standard Black or Brown.
  • Rosewood Laminate - A distinguished looking laminate. The only other popular solid color tone laminate.
  • Camouflage Laminate - Popular with all of the Arms Manufacturers. Standard Mountain Camo color tones.

Mid-Range Colors:

  • Tigerwood Laminate - Walnut & Maple colors. The original 2-color laminate. Popular for over 4 decades!
  • Royal Camouflage Laminate - A Reddish Bark color has been added to give a new twist to standard camouflage.
  • Electric Blue Laminate - Highly recommended Color! A beautiful blue color tone set off by the black veneers.
  • Desert Sunset Laminate - A color combination of a Desert Sunset and Earth Tones.

Flashier Colors:

  • Midnight Fire Laminate - A bit more popular alternative to Red, White & Blue. With a Black veneer substitute
  • Apache Gold Laminate - Rich, vibrant colors with a southwestern flair.
  • Psychedelic Laminate - Has a fluorescent, Iridescent Glow. Even in dim light! The name says it all!