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Hookah Big Jonny (Lilac/Black)

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The height of the hookah without a bowl is slightly more than 38 cm. However, despite the size, the mini series hookahs are no less popular and their functionality does not differ from larger devices.

An interesting appearance is far from the only advantage of such a device, among others, you can highlight:

  • Compactness. Due to the fact that the accessory is small, it is easy to take it on a trip. The whole set comes assembled (All in one box, there are handles on the box).
  • Safety: Packing from thick cardboard with a handles on the sides (safe from damage). It takes up little space, so it will not create inconvenience during transportation.
    Dimension: 420x180x185mm
  • Low Price: is a definite plus.


  • Flask (transparent or darkened)
  • Personal polyacetal mouthpiece with tape (black)
  • Mine (7-8 colors)
  • Saucer 1.5 mm (new shape with a large rim, engraving, black color)
  • Base black polyacetal from 90 circle, Big Jonny engraving
  • Stainless steel valve and union on O-Ring
  • Diffuser made of polyacetal on O-Ring
  • Inner shaft diameter 15mm (light pull)
  • Mouthpiece - shaft-colored handle, stainless steel threaded tube
  • Soft Touch hose
  • Seal for flask and Cup
  • Spring
  • Stainless steel tong